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Since 1960 We have been serving Your Commerical and Residential Pest Control Service needs.

Serving Greenville SC

Anderson SC

Seneca SC

Pickens SC

All the Upstate of SC  

We offer the best in Commercial pest Control services.
1. Trending and graphing on large facilities of Rodent and pest activity.
2. Weekly services for American Institute of Baking Standards.
3. Sensitive environments such as daycares and public Schools.
4. ASI standards and GMP inspections and consulting services.
5. Family owned since 1960.
We can handle any and all of your pest Control needs both Commercial and Residential.
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Since 1960 Quality Pest Control & Environmental Services has been Providing Commercial, Residential, Institutional Pest Control Services.

Food Safety/Hygiene Course & Pest Control Service Graduate From A.I.B. International with Food processing ,sanitation, & hygiene.

Master Termite Technician.

Now "Going Green" with all natural pest control service products where available.

Services Include

Mosquito Control

Termite Control 

Rodent Control 

General Pest Control 

Fire Ant Control 

Consulting Services

Food Safety& Sanitation inspections

Residential Pest Control Services

Large Scale Fire Ant Control By the Acre

 Antimicrobial Treatments

All Business Should Be A Ministry

Termidor Certified Professional, See Termidor Page. 



Nothing takes the fun out of an evening barbecue outdoors like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. In addition to inflicting a painful bite, mosquitoes can transmit diseases. You can keep your local mosquito population under control by limiting their habitat on your property, and avoid their annoying bites by using the right barriers and repellents.

Limit Breeding Habitat

Mosquitoes require water to breed.

Adult mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant or slow moving water, or on moist soil or leaf litter in areas likely to collect water. By eliminating these water sources, you can keep new generations of mosquitoes from taking up residence in your yard.

  1. Keep gutters clean and unclogged. Be sure your downspouts drain properly, without leaving puddles in the drainage area. You may need to reroute your downspouts or add extensions to carry water away.
  2. Keep swimming pools cleaned and chlorinated, even when not in use. Homeowners who go on vacation without chlorinating their pools may return to a veritable mosquito hatchery.
  3. Walk your property after a rain, and look for areas in the landscape that are not draining well. If you find puddles that remain for four or more days, regrade the area.
  4. Ornamental ponds should be aerated to keep water moving and discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs. Alternately, stock the pond with mosquito-eating fish.
  5. Dump anything that holds water twice per week if it has rained. Birdbaths, non-chlorinated wading pools, footbaths, garbage can lids, and pottery will all attract breeding mosquitoes. Remember to empty the saucers under your flower pots, and don't leave water in pet bowls for more than two days.
     Keep your property clean of items that can hold water, including discarded aluminum cans and tires.

Termite Control Service 

A little bit of Termidor goes a long way in treating your home

Termidor is applied at very low rates. Typically, the active ingredient (fipronil) is just 0.06% of the solution, a concentration much lower than that of older liquids and less than most insecticides. For an average home treatment, only about 8 ounces of the active ingredient is actually used. Keep in mind, too, that since 1995, fipronil has been used around the world for flea and tick control on household pets and on agricultural crops to protect food supplies. And Termidor has virtually no odor, which means you and your family won't notice a thing.

Advanced undetectable technology
Termidor is made from a revolutionary new nonrepellent or "undetectable" chemical technology treatment. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid Termidor. Instead they contact, ingest, and share it with their nestmates. This is in sharp contrast to older liquid
termite controls, which rely on repellent barriers that termites can finds breaks in or avoid completely.


How Termidor protects your home from termites

After Termidor is applied, termites that contact it transfer it to every other termite they in turn contact in a unique process called the "Transfer Effect." And because Termidor is engineered to be slow-acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire termite population.

Better than bait... without the wait
Baits can take years to control a termite colony. Termidor begins working immediately to wipe out termites inside and immediately surrounding your home. Termidor is the most effective and fastest at completely eliminating termite populations - up to six-times faster than bait systems.

No better choice for protecting your home against termites.
Termidor is the only termite defense that combines a unique mode of action, a long residual, and the ability to manage colonies faster than a baiting system all in a low-dose, low-odor formulation that meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality Protection Act. There simply is no better choice for termite defense.

Want to know more?
These are only the highlights. There's much more to the remarkable Termidor story than we can include here. If you'd like additional in-depth information about Termidor and why it's the best solution for your home

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